Heavy Tow Truck for a Eugene Hay Ride

A heavy tow truck was needed last week when a semi truck and trailer loaded with hay just outside of Eugene veered off a two-lane road and tipped into the adjacent water retention ditch.

We don’t know exactly why the semi and trailer veered into the ditch, However, since it happened in the middle of the day we suspect a distraction occurred with the driver.

T&M Towing brought twp heavy tow trucks to right the tow truck filled with hay, A heavy tow truck wrecker and a heavy tow truck rotator were brought to the scene to lift and winch the semi tow truck up and out.

So, to all those tow truck drivers out there be careful out there while you are on the road. Avoid distractions and get plenty of sleep.


Hay on Trailer Needing a Heavy Tow Truck

Details of Heavy Tow Truck with Hay in Eugene

A semi truck with a trailer loaded with many bales of hay rolled onto its side in Eugene, Oregon. The driver steered to the side of the road, leaned to its right and fell into the ditch that ran alongside the road. The call about the stranded semi loaded with hay came into T&M Towing to inform the heavy tow truck dispatcher of the situation. T&M Towing sent out three, tow truck team members and two heavy tow trucks to the scene. The first truck was a heavy wrecker. The second truck was a rotator. The idea was to lift the semi and trailer together with the rotator and then winch the semi and trailer back to the road. When the T&M Towing tow truck team arrived they assessed the situation. Just as they were told, the semi and trailer were laying on its right side. Its bottom side and axels were accessible by the heavy tow truck team. The heavy tow truck team unloaded the hay. The heavy tow truck team carefully moved the hay out of the way so it could be easily reloaded. The team then connected the cab to the trailer with secure straps designed for a heavy tow and recovery. The heavy tow truck team first connected one line to trailer. The tow team member then tightened the strap down. The heavy tow truck team then connected another line to the cab. The heavy tow truck team member then tightened the second strap down. With care, the heavy tow truck team rolled the semi and trailer right side up onto its tires. The semi and trailer landed on its wheels. The heavy tow truck team then unhooked the straps from the cab. The team then unhooked the straps from the trailer. The semi and trailer was checked for damage. The team put stowed the lines into the heavy tow truck container. The heavy tow truck team member got back into the wrecker and drove it home. The towing operators got back into the rotator and drove it home.