Burned Up Travel Trailers Need Camper Towing

T&M is no stranger to offering assistance with camper towing. Even still, when they received a call for help transporting five burned up travel trailers, it was clear that this situation was a bit different. Losing these RVs was a tragedy that nobody saw coming.

On December 8, 2019, T&M Towing Service was called to the scene of an RV lot at the Guaranty RV body shop off SW Bryant Street and SW Kalmia Street in Junction City, Oregon. The Junction City department had been summoned after reports of a fire at the lot around 2:30 AM. Five new RVs were engulfed in flames when a nearby, and occupied, trailer caught fire. The blaze caused several propane tanks to also explode.

Russell Alexander had been living in a trailer on the lot when he woke up to a fire in the bathroom. Despite Alexander’s attempts to save his belongings, the camper began burning out of control, eventually spreading to the surrounding motorhomes and causing over $100,000 in damages. Luckily, nobody was severely injured, although Alexander was transported to the hospital for smoke and chemical inhalation. Police charged him with five counts of reckless burning with the possibility of more citations pending investigation.

By the time T&M arrived, the flames had been contained and extinguished, leaving RV debris and frames in their wake. Luckily, the camper towing team knew exactly what to do and had brought multiple heavy wreckers and flatbeds to the location. 

First, T&M’s team maneuvered the heavy wrecker closely to the scorched motorhome. After collecting any cauterized debris pieces, they attached a winch hook to the travel trailer. This allowed them to winch the RV up onto a flatbed truck. They then secured the frame into place using cables before carting it off for proper disposal. The camper towing team repeated the process for each of the remaining motorhomes.

While the blaze caused extensive damage, no one was seriously injured thanks to the quick response of the Junction City Fire and Police Departments. T&M’s camper towing team was happy to assist.


Camper Towing in action being removed from the scene

Camper Towing in action being removed from the scene







The after math prior camper towing

The after math prior camper towing

Details of Camper Towing in Eugene

On December 8, 2019 in the early hours of the morning, T&M received a call for camper towing services at the Guaranty RV body shop off SW Bryant Street and SW Kalmia Street in Junction City, Oregon. At the scene, the camper towing team found a total of five RVs scorched by flames. The camper towing team learned that an occupied trailer caught fire around 2:30AM which then spread to five nearby travel trailers. Several propane tanks exploded as a result. Russell Alexander was taken to a local hospital for smoke and chemical inhalation and also charged with five counts of reckless burning. When the T&M camper towing team arrived, the Junction City Fire Department had contained the blaze. Thanks to their quick response and help from the Junction City Police Department, further damage and injury were prevented. The camper towing team got to work hauling away the scorched RVs. First, the camper towing team moved a heavy wrecker up close to the RV and cleared out the charred debris remnants. Then, the camper towing team attached winch hooks to the first travel trailer. They winched it up onto a flatbed and secured the frame in place with cables. Next, they moved the heavy wrecker in close proximity to the second RV, attached the winch hooks, and hauled it up onto the flatbed. The camper towing team proceeded to repeat the process for the third travel trailer. Camper towing services were also provided for the fourth and fifth RVs. T&M was happy to be able to assist with camper towing. Despite the extensive damage that occurred, the preservation of life and property was a victory.



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