U-Haul Mauled by Blackberry Bush and Required Towing Service

T&M Towing Service was called to recover a U-Haul that had fallen off a road ledge here in Eugene. We arrived to find the UHaul right-side-up,15 feet down. It had rolled off the road and ended up in a blackberry bush and a towing service was needed.

We wondered what had happened. So, we asked the renters of the U-haul. The driver had backed the U-Haul up a hill. The hill was steep and the U-Haul’s bumper had caught on the pavement. It wouldn’t move when they hit the gas. The renters needed to unstick it from the pavement. They decided to attach a strap to the rented vehicle and pull it with a car. Makes sense…right. Well, It worked. The problem was that once U-Haul was free of the pavement it kept on going and going. It fell right over the edge. If it wasn’t for the massive blackberry bush 15 feet sitting below that stopped its downward momentum, the U-Haul would still be rolling. Our towing service team got the call.

In fact, the blackberry bush was so big and thorny, we couldn’t get close for the towing service recovery. A member of the T&M Towing Service three-member team grabbed a chainsaw to cut back the blackberry bush. Once we had it lose, we then used a rotator to lift the U-Haul clear in the air. The wrecker pulled it back onto the pavement.

We can report that after the recovery the U-Haul had minor damage and was drive-able.


U-Haul being pulled up b towing service Towing Service with U-Haul Mauled by Blackberry Bush with Wrecker

Towing Service Detail of U-Haul Recovery

A U-Haul box truck had rolled off a road and fallen 15 feet down and needed a towing service. The driver of the U-Haul called T&M Towing and Hazmat for towing service. When the towing service team arrived they assessed the situation. The towing service arrived to find a U-Haul stuck in a huge blackberry bush. They were unable to access the vehicle. A towing service team member was lowered down below and cut back the blackberry bush. The branches were pushed aside to allow room for the U-Haul to be pulled out. The towing service team first backed in the rotator. The towing service team then backed in a wrecker. The towing service team attached straps to the U-Haul for support to the rotator. The straps were then attached to the chain. The chain was then attached to the rotator. The towing service team then attached another set of straps around the U-Haul as the towing service team needed to guide the U-Haul down once the rotator lifted it out. Carefully, the towing service team lifted the U-Haul with the rotator. The vehicle cleared the blackberry bush. The towing service team continued to lift the U-Haul. The wrecker then pulled its straps to bring it closer to the pavement. Once the U-Haul was over the pavement, the towing service team set the U-Haul down. The U-Haul drove away with minor damage after the recovery.

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